Divorce and separation are always likely to be stressful, but if you instruct us, we can guide you through the divorce procedure and also deal with the financial aspects of your divorce.

We appreciate that it is in the interests of both parties to a marriage to resolve matters by agreement, if possible. Therefore we always do our best to help our clients to reach an agreement in an amicable manner. This is not an ideal world and sometimes, despite our best efforts, an amicable conclusion cannot be reached. However, in the event that court proceedings are required, we are able to act for you in relation to these proceedings.

If you do not want to obtain a divorce, we can advise you regarding separation arrangements and can prepare a separation agreement for you, if required.

If you are not married, but have separated, or intend to separate, from your partner, we can also assist. In particular we deal with property issues relating to unmarried couples. Again we will always try to reach an agreement acceptable to both parties but, if this is not possible, we can act for you in court proceedings.

When couples separate, this can cause problems with arrangements for children and this can be very stressful. We can advise you regarding issues with arrangements for children. Whilst we aim to resolve any issues by agreement, if court proceedings are required, we can act on your behalf.

We charge a fee of £150.00 plus VAT (£180.00 in total) for an initial consultation of up to an hour.

For more information please contact us using the enquiry form.


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